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Toronto Vacation Travel Guide

Toronto – the largest city in Canada and a hub of trade and culture. Join us on our adventure through Toronto and add this destination to your travel inspiration board. The capital of Ontario, Toronto or “The City That Works”, is full of a can-do spirit that is reflected in its buildings. From the...


Dubai Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Dubai – a city that defies its extreme environment and redefines cityscape. Check out the footage of this incredible destination and plan a trip of your own. When ready, browse vacation packages to Dubai: Make your next #vacation to #Dubai – the ancient City of Gold. Modernity and antiquity collide in this vibrant...


U.S. Virgin Islands Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

U.S. Virgin Islands – Enjoy the glittering shores and island lifestyle loved by locals and travelers here. Check out the incredible footage of this tropical haven and plan a trip to fill a photo gallery of your own. Find the #USVirginIslands in the Caribbean, just a three-hour flight from Miami. A #vacation to the...


Palm Springs Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Palm Springs has drawn Hollywood A-listers to its radiant heart for decades! See why as we explore this sun-baked paradise. The desert oasis of #PalmSprings lies at the western edge of the Coachella Valley in California. This #vacation #destination is just under two hours away from Los Angeles. #Visit the Living Desert Zoo and...


Los Cabos Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

Los Cabos is a favorite vacation spot for lovers of sea, sun and fun. This travel guide video will take you from the pulsing tempo of Cabos San Lucas to the slow rhythms of San Jose del Cabo. Check out all the places we visited in this video: When ready, browse vacation packages...


Rio de Janeiro Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Rio de Janeiro – one of South America’s most famous hubs of energy. Join the sixteen million people that live here with a trip to this top vacation destination. In #RioDeJaneiro the Brazilian locals pile onto the beautiful beaches and express themselves through artwork, dance, and the ubiquitous Rio de Janeiro partying. Any Rio...


Monterey Vacation Travel Guide

The city of Monterey sits on the central Californian coastline, a scenic five-hour drive north from Los Angeles, and an easy two-hour drive south from San Francisco. Perched on the edge of a marine sanctuary larger in size than Yellowstone and twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, Monterey’s wild majesty has long humbled those who’ve walked her rugged...


Yogyakarta Vacation Travel Guide

The Indonesian city of Yogyakarta rests on central Java, between the cool breezes of the Indian Ocean and the steamy breath of volcanoes. It’s a scenic train ride from Jakarta, or a short flight from Bali or Singapore. The home of sultans, artists and the devout since the 8th century, Yogyakarta is the gentle...


Toulouse Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Toulouse – a place of historic and architectural significance. Journey with us to discover the best places to visit and find yourself utterly charmed by one of Europe’s historic gems. #Toulouse has played a large part in Europe’s story for centuries. From the time the Romans and Visigoths ruled, to its place as one...


Barcelona Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Barcelona – dive into the Catalan creativity that has defined the city and draws millions to its heart each year. After this video, you’ll see why! #Barcelona is perhaps most famous for the masterpiece La Sagrada Familia and the other works of architect, Antonio Gaudi, strewn across the city. Be sure not to miss...


Nagasaki Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Nagasaki – a charming port city with a devastating past. In this video, we explore how to make the most of this city’s cultural and historical attractions while on vacation. The name #Nagasaki is synonymous with one of the most devastating events in modern history. But this city is more than just bomb museums...


Monterrey Vacation Travel Guide

Monterey – The coastal Californian city will impress travelers with its natural beauty and rich history. Check out these top places to visit in Monterey and start planning a trip of your own! Plan your next adventure at for cheap hotels flights and car rental. From the arrival of the Spanish in 1770 to...


Glasgow Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Glasgow – a city whose industrial roots and cultural bloom makes it the charming vacation destination it is today. Just over an hour west of Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is the city of #Glasgow. #Explore this city’s unique blend of style and character at George Square, the center of it all. Looming over the city’s...


Iceland Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Iceland – a nation windswept and beautiful from mountain to sea. Check out our footage to discover the natural and manmade marvels of the island. Check out all the places we visited in this video: When ready, browse vacation packages to Iceland: With a population of just under 350,000, #Iceland can feel...


Yellowstone National Park Vacation Travel Guide

Yellowstone National Park stretches across the secluded north-west corner of Wyoming, reaching into Idaho and Montana.  Founded in 1872, Yellowstone was the world’s first national park and now hosts over 4 million adventurers each year. A 12-hour drive from Seattle or a five-hour drive from Salt Lake City, there’s no doubt that it’s a...


New York City Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

New York City needs no introduction. Sitting at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists, NYC is always poised to impress. Check out our footage to see why! When ready, browse vacation packages to New York City: #NewYorkCity is an international metropolis built on the shoulders of immigrants and their descendants. The city...


Tokyo Vacation Travel Guide

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is situated in the Kanto Region on the main island of Honshu. Tokyo’s greater metropolitan area has a population of over 35 million, making it one of the largest and most exciting megacities on the planet. Plan your next adventure at for cheap hotels flights and car rental. Tokyo,...

London Vacation Travel Guide

  Catch a glimpse of the famous London town! Or more than a glimpse – we’ll show you through the whole city. A trip to London might as well be a trip through history. This city is full of modern construction mixed with ancient buildings. Plan your next adventure at for cheap hotels flights...


Hong Kong Vacation Travel Guide

Hong Kong – the city that truly has everything! Dramatic cityscapes, tranquil temples and endless shopping await you here. Follow our journey through the city and even plan one of your own. Plan your next adventure at for cheap hotels flights and car rental. Hong Kong – the city that truly has everything! Dramatic...


Anchorage Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Anchorage – a destination of awe-inspiring beauty difficult to rival. Watch this travel guide video to see why Anchorage is one of Alaska’s greatest vacation spots. The city of #Anchorage lies in Alaska’s mountainous south and is home to around 40 percent of all Alaskans. At the height of summer, Anchorage basks in 22...


Singapore Vacation Travel Guide

Singapore is situated in South East Asia, just off the southern tip of Malaysia. One of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world, Singapore is a breeze to explore- nothing is more than an hour away from the central business district. Built at the crossroads of maritime trading routes, for well...


Iguazu Falls Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

At Iguazu Falls, take in the two miles of cascading water that make up this incredible destination. You’ll have to see it to believe it – start with our amazing footage here. #IguazuFalls is located at the junction of three nations: Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. These “Great Waters,” as named by the indigenous Guarani...


Vancouver Island Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Vancouver Island – a place of awe-inspiring natural beauty. In this video, discover why the fusion of history and rugged West Coast landscapes makes this destination one of the best to visit. Check out all the places we visited in this video: When ready, browse vacation packages to Vancouver Island: Though many...


Stockholm Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Stockholm – This city of islands welcomes you to enjoy its streets, sights and stories. Check out our footage of the waterside city and start planning a trip of your own! #Stockholm, Sweden’s gorgeous capital, truly encapsulates style and simplicity. It is forever faithful to its historic story and proudly displays 750-year-old historic gems...


Venice Vacation Travel Guide

The Italian city of Venice is a city like no other, rising from the waters of Venice Lagoon. Follow us through the historic streets – and canals – and see why Venice should be firmly on your bucket list! Begin your Venice vacation in the central district of San Marco. Journey along one of...

St Petersburg

St. Petersburg Vacation Travel Guide

Saint Petersburg is often considered Russia’s cultural capital. The Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Plan your next adventure at for cheap hotels flights and car rental. St Petersburg lies around 400 miles to the Northwest of Moscow. Nestled on the Neva River, it...


St. Petersburg, Florida Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

St. Petersburg – Soak up the endless Florida sun here, then venture on to explore the city’s artsy side. Check out all the places we visited in this video: When ready, browse vacation packages to St. Petersburg: You may come to #StPetersburg for a sun-filled #vacation, but you’ll keep coming back for...


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